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What is ABS plastic?
ABS plastic with full name is Acrylonitrin Butadiene Styrene, ABS plastic has the characteristics of hard, solid but not brittle, insulating, waterproof, resistant to temperature and chemicals so it does not deform the product.

ABS plastic is easy to process and shape, so the products made from this plastic are very diverse and rich, giving consumers many choices.

Application of ABS plastic in life
Toys: ABS plastic is one of two types of plastic (also PP) that is allowed to be used to make toys for children. Toys made from ABS plastic will be safe for children, do not have an unpleasant plastic smell, are more durable, do not bleed and the price will also be more expensive. You should keep this in mind when buying toys for children.

Electronics: With its superior insulating properties, ABS plastic is used as the shell of equipment, some accessories, as an insulator such as electrical outlet housing, electrical panels, etc.

Household appliances: With solid characteristics, ABS plastic is used to make blender shells, juicers...

Automobile and motorcycle industry: Making some mechanical parts of cars and motorbikes.

Packaging industry: With high mechanical strength, high hardness, ABS plastic can make containers, special packaging, helmets, ...

Construction materials: Applied to the production of water pipes, gene pipes, etc.

Some products use injection molding technology (a technology to produce products by injecting molten material into a mold) such as computer keyboards, phone cases, doors,...

In addition, they are also used to create light, hard products such as boxes, musical instruments, water pipes, etc.

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