Also known as Nylon-6, PA6 is made from a single monomer called caprolactam (or 6-amino-caproic acid) and is used in a wide range of industries and products including parachutes, toothbrushes, tents, ropes, textiles, carpets, industrial fibres, engineering plastics and film. Due to its excellent properties and its pricing, Nylon-6 is the material of choice for many consumer goods and industrial applications.




Nylon-6 is used everyday and everywhere because it is a versatile and exciting material, unrivalled in its number of applications.

Technical fibres. PA6 can be used in a variety of technical and industrial fibres including tire cord (where it accounts for the largest share of synthetic reinforcement of heavy-duty tires in the world), ropes, nets, fishing lines, tarpaulins, machine-covers, safety belts, air bags, mechanical rubber goods, etc.

Engineering plastics. PA6 can be found in a number of engineering plastic applications including air intake manifolds, automotive under the hood parts, wheel caps, seat belt and airbag parts, chairs, relay boxes and stadium seats. PA6 also can be used as a compounded material, reinforced with glass fiber, glass bead or minerals.

Film. PA6 is used for films in the food packaging, industrial packaging and medical industries.

Textiles. PA6 is used a large variety of textiles and clothing including hosiery, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear, casual wear, fashion wear and socks. It can also be found in umbrellas, luggage, tents, parachutes, sleeping bags and so on. Textiles made from PA6:

  • Can be dyed easily at atmospheric pressure in multiple designs and colours.

  • Are lighter weight but strong.




  • High absorption of moisture

  • High mechanical/impact strength

  • Excellent machinability

  • Good noise and vibration absorption

  • Very good sliding properties

  • Good weldability and adhesive characteristics

  • High dimensional stability

  • Flame retardant and self-extinguishing (FR Grade only)

  • European Rail Vehicle Standard DIN EN 45545-2:2013 compliant (FR Grade only)



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