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HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene, it is a tough, rigid plastic material with high impact strength which can be guillotined, punched, routered or sawn easily, and is readily available in a wide variety of colours. Used widely for toys, packaging, signs, kicking plates, display and point of sale.

If you are looking for a particular coloured plastic with good impact properties then HIPS is a first choice material. Polystyrene is particularly suitable for thermoforming meaning various shapes and objects can be produced from this material.




HIPS has many different properties that allow for a wide range of uses and applications for the thermoplastic. With more rubber content, the material can easily undergo manufacturing processes such as vacuum forming, and easily bends and moulds whilst retaining its durability. Its properties do not weaken once re-moulded either; making it very reliable. Due to its amorphous properties, HIPS can be painted – making it great for design purposes that require strong aesthetics.

  • It’s a strong plastic.

  • It can handle high impact.

  • Despite its strength you can easily cut, router or saw it to an ideal size.

  • Through thermoforming almost any shape of any size can be created.

  • Available in a variety of colours.

  • A very affordable solution.




HIPS is specifically formulated for use in graphic arts applications. This material offers economy, durability, design versatility, and ease of fabrication.

Styrene sheets other superior characteristics include flatness, lack of size limitations, die-cut capabilities, thermal stability, and low moisture absorption, making it ideal for many forms, including offset, screen, lithographic, digital, and flexographic printing. HIPS is ideally suited for high speed digital printing equipment.

It’s also extremely lightweight and can be combined with rubber or other materials to increase its strength and durability as it is naturally not as durable as other resins. HIPS plastic is primarily used in situations where impact resistance and cost-effectiveness are required. It also has good gloss and low volatility.HIPS is found in:

  • Trays

  • Plates

  • Housing materials

  • Prototypes




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