Vaccine Situation & Employee Safety Facts at Biden

Vaccine Situation & Employee Safety Facts at Biden

Plasticraft Corp. is suing to block the Biden administration's COVID-19 vaccine and testing rule, saying it is within the discretion of the company and employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration on November 4 issued a supportive rule requiring companies with more than 100 employees to start getting vaccinated or regularly tested for the coronavirus.

But Plasticraft is headquartered in Darien, Wis. The rule transcends the authority of the federal government.

“This is an unscrupulous order,” said Steve Fettig, treasury secretary for both companies. "OSHA doesn't know how to manage our company. We do. OSHA doesn't know how to keep our employees safe. We are."

In a statement WILL release, Fettig said the company has successfully operated "since the beginning of the pandemic without state intervention."

“We respect the fundamental rights of our employees to make their medical and difficult choices,” says Fettig.

WILL indicate the OSHA rule breaks the usual federal rule-making rights and the national rights to claim grant powers.

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